Central Middle School Community Unity Project

Jan 21st - First Workshop

Enrichment Students and Tec team.

What a great day. We are all excited to get started. The student got to learn about MtC and meet a few of the key players. The Tec team Len and Val Stubel of Artisan Tile, Deb Taylor, one of the supporting teachers, and myself. We discussed what MtC is all about and why Community Unity is so important. It was explained how the first MtC project worked in Market Square, then the scrap book and photos where shared with the group. We chose a workshop date for parents to join. Two students volunteered to come to the design wokrshop visit with the Craigdarroch Care Home next week. And we all got a great feel for one another.


Ms. Beacham has started the students understanding the techniques of mosaic, by creating recycled paper mosaics. As the project moves forward, the students will complete these paper mosaics and they will be used as the scrapbook for the project. Great ideas.

From the Tec team Len lent his expertise and knowledge of mosaic to the group. The group was shown how to cut tile, and the basic steps involved in the reverse method, we will be using in this project. As a team we chose the colors we wanted to use for the project and the tiles are now on order. We figured out what supplies were left to find and made a few lists of things to do. The tasks and lists will be delegated at the planning workshop on the 24th.

A good thing came out of this projects MtC agreement, and donations. Together with Centrals principle, Annetta, we came up with Mosaic the City - School Project Fund. This way any donations given back to MtC through this project will be used to continue projects in schools. Annetta would like to see there be two other mosaics built for the main entrance of the school. Plus other teachers have said they would like to see the whole entrance way littered with mosaics. So this is a great start for MtC projects and schools. A great start to what should be along life of Community Unity inside the Schools of Victoria.

We are very happy with the start of this project.