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March 22rd

Day Three: Building Day One

Wow what a great workshop… So many new faces today and so much energy.

We started with an introduction to the design with a final determination of how the mosaic will look - took a consensus with the group to simplify the townscape design to make mosaicking easier. Shylene will then cut out the final boards to be ready for the next workshop - April 5th.

Then Shylene showed the various mosaicking tools to the group and explained how to use them.

A demonstration was given to how to cut and break up pieces of ceramics with help from a few of the residences and youth.

Then the students helped to break up the colors needed for the sunshine part of the mosaic, we were working on today.

It was shown to a select few how to use a glasscutter, to cut up the mirror also being used in the sunshine. To help reflect the light from outside into the mosaic, bringing in a natural element of nature to the project.

All the residences were set up around the two mosaic panels and given smocks to protect their clothes.

Glue was poured out and Shylene showed how to glue the pieces and place them on the cement board. Volunteers, youth and aids from the center helped the residences all take their turns to glue pieces into the mosaic.

One of the new residences on the project was Roger - a100 year old photographer. He spent most of the workshop concentrating on the mosaic and seemed to really enjoy his opportunity to be creative again.

It wasn't until almost the end of the workshop that Shylene learned of Roger's age and took a moment to talk with him. He spoke to Shylene about ageing and how it has affected him. He spoke to the history of his family and told that his mother lived to be 113 and his father died of 80 something in the war. He also told Shylene to prepare herself because he believes her generation will all live well into their 120's.

We had guests today as well. A photographer from Embrace Aging Group was there to take photos,. John Azar of Mosaic the City and Embrace Aging Radio was there to lend a hand and engage the project. We also enjoyed the time from many new staff of the Glengarry.

All in all it was an amazing workshop and everyone was so excited to get to finally see all their ideas come into fruition.

It was a great meeting and we are all looking forward to meeting soon. Our next date is:

Wed April 5th 2-4 pm at Glengarry Care Home.

Please do come and visit us if you want to be involved

Day One/Two: Design Day Day Three: Building Day One Day Four: Building Day Two Day Five- Building Day Three

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