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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
~ A Community Development Programme ~

The idea of Mosaic the City is to bring the people of a neighborhood or community together, by creating a common thread--the mosaic project. Shylene saw this as a way to take down the walls, open communications and work toward social, community change. Each community will then be given the opportunity to join this thread to the next neighborhood or community through the Mosaic the City Mapping Project. Each community sharing with the next and so on and son on.

Once a few projects have been completed and a path has been formed, this path will be mapped and each project connected to the next. Eventually, after many years of projects the map will reach all of the communities in Victoria--Community Unity. .

With in each project we hope to give participants the opportunity to learn and share with one another. Creating a working environment that encourages communication between elders and youth, cultures and life styles, ages and sex. While all the time creating art that will become part of each person's history and the history of a neighborhood, a community, a town.

Project participants will design and build the entire project from beginning to end. Some of the projects will be inviting people to bring their own recycled treasures to add to the mosaics, and encourage a "use what you have" approach. While others will create outside stone garden mosaics or fix a neighbourhood eye sore with mosaic medallions. Each project will be made to suit the organization, group or neighbourhood that leads the project. We also encourage hands-on participation, contra or cash sponsorship, and material donations.

These projects will allow all who want to participate the ability to give what you can. We believe that if everyone gives a little we all gain a lot.

Why should you sponosor a Mosaic the City project?
A better question is "why not"?

Mosaic The City Community Unity Society
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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