Summer 2004

# 3 Mosaic Fernwood Phase I-

"Our Community In Action"

Mosaic Fernwood - Phase I, happened in the summer of 2004. With over 125 people from around the province coming together to create this fifty foot mixed media mural.

They created seven mosaic people and two mosaic panels as the first part of this project. As the first project of many phases Mosaic Fernwood is working to create not only community designed & built mosaics, but also lasting community spirit.


Written project journal with step by step information on how this whole project came together in only a few weeks.

Project Partners:

Fernwood Community Center

Fernwood Community Association

Cox Family

Project Sponosors:

The Flying Accuasations

Village 900

Canopy Work Flow Press

Project Supporters:

Tile Town Ltd.



Silk Road Tea

She Said Gallery

~ ~ ~
Phase II is UP to YOU..

If you are interested in the idea of Community Unity and want to play a big role in making your community safer, friendlier and more artistic, JOIN THE TEAM. For Phase II to happen in Fernwood there needs to be a team dedicated to making it happen.

If you are interested please contact the

Fernwood Community Center at 381-1552


the Fernwood Community Association

at 384-7441