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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
~ A Community Development Programme ~

Kim Coyle

Founding Member:

When Shylene came to my office on July 11 2003 I knew I was meeting with a woman that would change and peak my interest in Community Public Art.

I was most impressed with the simplicity of Mosaic the City. This project has great potential. It is highly user friendly and easy to facilitate. As well, it is a lot of fun to do.

My background of study is in anthropology. Working with different groups and learning the many paradigms within the community art culture is both intriguing and informative.

To me, Mosaic the City offers option to travel and teach while maintaining strong community ties both locally and globally.

I am very fortunate to be involved in a project with this much heart and committment to art and communication for social change.

Mosaic The City Community Unity Society
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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