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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
~ A Community Development Programme ~

Great Volunteer for Mosaic the Market:

MarieLise Pronovost

I was born in Drummondville, Quebec. My family moved to Ottawa when I was 5 yeas old. I grew up in a very artistic environment. My Dad is a recognized silk screener and artist. My mom was also an artist and a ceramist.

During my youth, I did a lot of traveling around the world. To be able to experience different cultures makes a person more knowledgeable. It gives you a sese of self and definitely makes you richer inside.

It took my 40 years to be blessed with an extraordinary daughter. Melanie is at the source of all my inspirations.

In June of 2003, I decided to move here in beautiful Victoria. At 52, I feel at my best and much wiser. I am very lucky to be a part of Mosaic the City. To be involved in a community art project of this magnitude is very inspirational.

Mosaic The City Community Unity Society
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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