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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
~ A Community Development Programme ~

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My vision is community based mosaic art projects that would evoke the imaginations of the of people who live, shop, work and use the areas.. I would like to use the idea of "use what you have" in the materials of the projects. This is a philosophy I use in my own work that helps keep costs down and imagination high. I feel I have the energy, experience and emotion needed to bring art, community, and beauty to the communities of Victoria.

Specifically speaking I volunteered in Vancouver in 2002, working on the development aspect of various successful community mosaic projects that utilize the expressions of reach that I'm referring to in the Mosaic the City concept. These community-based projects will bring individuals together working in a hands-on workshop/environment, interacting in ways that instigate thought, emotion, production, and a final product to feel proud of. They also provide a way for residences, business and visitors to the area to participate and have a say in how the area looks and feels, bringing together people for the sake of Community Unity.

I look forward to years of working with Victoria's communities to add a new life to old walls, art to areas otherwise forgotten, and to bring all the people of this fine city together in relaxed positive community interactions. These mosaic projects will become part of Victoria's new history and all who participate can forever speak of their interesting community participation.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in learning more about me or this initiative:

Mosaic The City Community Unity Society
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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